If I can’t dance . . .

All promo videos for an exhibition should be this entertaining!

Opening August 11, “The Walker presents the latest phase and first US exhibition of Baby Marx, an ongoing project by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes that looks at the potential for mass entertainment to operate as a radical educational tool.”

At the end of the video, above the subtitle Romance, it appears that Che Guevara is hitting on a school teacher/librarian, who is the only woman who appears in the trailer. I wonder if the exhibition will include female theoreticians and activists?

Puppetry in slow motion

Puppetry seems to be everywhere these days, including rush hour traffic in LA.

“The show, called Superclogger after L.A.’s endlessly clogged freeways, was conceived with Joel Kyack’s friend Peter Fuller. Fueled by a determinedly low-tech aesthetic, it stars a cast that suggests a group of funky, grimy, homemade Muppets, acting out short vignettes on themes that might speak to people stuck in traffic. Coping with uncertain conditions, for instance, or the state of being controlled.”–via NPR

Mobile Shadow Projection Theater gets mobile

Follow the Mobile Shadow Projection Theater’s bike / performance to Duluth online.

“Mobile Shadow Projection (MSP) Theater’s balloon balloon balloon, balloon balloon follows the story of a single balloon released from a human hand. The aim of the project is to take a mobile theatre experience on a 2-week tour, across Minnesota, via bicycle. Following a route from Minneapolis to Duluth, MSP Theater will stop at several campgrounds, schools and recreational family sites in order to bring live, free, interactive puppetry theatre to children and families. This blog will chronicle the experience, set to take place August 8-20, 2010.”