Puppetry in slow motion

Puppetry seems to be everywhere these days, including rush hour traffic in LA.

“The show, called Superclogger after L.A.’s endlessly clogged freeways, was conceived with Joel Kyack’s friend Peter Fuller. Fueled by a determinedly low-tech aesthetic, it stars a cast that suggests a group of funky, grimy, homemade Muppets, acting out short vignettes on themes that might speak to people stuck in traffic. Coping with uncertain conditions, for instance, or the state of being controlled.”–via NPR

01SJ Biennial open calls

For the 2010 01SJ Biennial ZER01 is collaborating with SF Shorts: San Francisco International Festival of Short Films to issue an open call for 5-minute shorts interpreting the theme Build Your Own World that were shot using a cell phone, flip video camcorder, or other mobile media device. You can interpret this theme literally or figuratively, seriously or humorously to envision how mobile technology can contribute to positive social change. Selected films will be featured at both SF Shorts and the 2010 01SJ Biennial and cash prize is available for top selection.

Proposals for the workshops and micro-grants are starting to roll in. The workshop call ends on February 15th, and the micro-grants on March 8th, so you still have time to send in proposals. New calls will be posted soon. See here for more information on  the current 01SJ Biennial open calls.