Is it art or advertising? (Part II)

The game continues (See earlier post Is it art or advertising Part I).

The rise of artists engaging in corporate endeavors continues to give me pause as I read about Jeff Koons designing the next BMW Art Car.

And the fact that Bono piped in to state that this partnership would help the world “fall in love with automobiles again”????


Location. Location. Location.

“Just after the opening of my solo show at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles we loaded up a rented pick-up truck with the arrow sign I included in the show. When I came across various locations in the city, we untied the sign, carried it over and snapped some shots – each time improvising a message for the face.”

via Steve Lambert

Is it art or advertising? (Part I)

This is an easy game called “Is it art or advertising?”. Simply review the images and decide if you believe the projects shown to be art or advertising (or both).

Sometimes there may be only art, sometimes there may be only advertising, and sometimes one of each.

This game is inspired by the growing merger of aesthetics and commerce. As I realize that I am a targeted demographic for commercials using re-edited Roxy Music songs and Target ads that remind me of last years gallery shows, I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable. Is this is a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved? Is it bad to be inundated with higher level design and conceptual imagery on our billboards and buses even if its for corporate gain? What impact can public art projects have in taking over public spaces if their audiences can’t tell the difference between art and advertising? I can’t help but feel co-opted but maybe its just aesthetic evolution?