Street Garden of Babylon

“Urban intervention idealized by Felipe Morozini, directed by Jeorge Simas around Elevado Costa e Silva in São Paulo City, to make a little bit less rough. One dweller and 21 friends painting one of the most crowded avenue in the biggest city in South America.”

Runner Up in the Street Art Award category of the Metropolis Art Prize 2009.

via Inspire Collective

Street art

Claudia Ficca & Davide Luciano, A pothole becomes a beer cooler. via Toronto Star

Claudia Ficca & Davide Luciano, "A pothole becomes a beer cooler." via Toronto Star

Not unlike the United guitar guy, Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca turned their run in with a pothole into an excuse for some guerrilla street art from flower gardens to  a baptism to deep fried donuts. Check out the slideshow.

via Toronto Star


Constitutional rights violated karaoke style

Finishing School, Executive Order Karaoke
If you are in LA tonight and want to add a little public to your Palin-Biden debate watching, try your hand at Finishing School’s Executive Order Karaoke.

Featuring special guest host Tammy Tomahawk, Executive Order Karaoke is a public action in which participants are invited to sing their favorite mixes of George W. Bush’s executive orders to popular music. Finishing School will award a cash prize for the best act. Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar.

THURSDAY, OCT 2, 7–10pm
MOCA Grand Avenue
Sculpture Plaza