Sign of desires

“[F]or the next month our billboard will be used to list some of the big and small needs we have at the waffle shop. If you bring in one of the things we need, we will create a special display with your name next to the thing you bring in, and add a new item to the billboard list as we always seems to be in the need of something.”

“The Waffle Shop is a neighborhood restaurant that produces and broadcasts a live-streaming talk show with its customers, operates a changeable storytelling billboard on its roof, and runs a take-out window that sells food from countries engaged in conflict with the U.S. The shop is a public lab that brings together people from all walks of life to engage in dialogue, experimentation and the co-production of culture.”–The Waffle Shop

Jon Rubin, who initiated The Waffle Shop as part of his Storefront Project course at CMU,  is also the creator of one of my favorite sign projects, The Sky’s the Limit.