UnConvention award-winning video

In May, one of the videos for The UnConvention won a Silver Pencil at the New York Art Directors Club OneShow. The video, “Park,” was one of a series of PSA’s called Make an Effort, a campaign for The UnConvention designed by Campbell Mithun to

encourage Twin Cities residents to find their own unconventional ways to welcome the visitors who will be arriving for the Republican National Convention. The campaign does not ignore the undeniable irony of the Republicans’ choice to hold the convention here in Minnesota, and the entire tone of the campaign captures the unique brand of intelligent, rewarding creativity that Minnesota is justifiably world famous for.

The other two videos in the campain were Pin and Limo, and there is a series of downloadable poster pdfs here, including Yard Ornaments and Wally the Beer Man.

Yard Ornaments, "Make an Effort," CampbellMithun

Congratulaations to CampbellMithun and thanks for their participation in The UnConvention. Special thanks to everyone who made the campaign possible including: The UnConvention, LaBreche, Hungry Man Productions, Jonathan Chapman Photography, Unleashed Productions, and Ditch Edit.

The UnConvention

The UnConvention was a non-partisan collaboration of local and national cultural organizations and citizens, initiated by Northern Lights before, during and after the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN, to explore the creative intersection of participatory media and participatory democracy. It existed as a counterpoint to the highly scripted and predetermined nature of the contemporary presidential nomination process and conventions.