Participate in Storefront’s Co…

Participate in Storefront’s Competition to design and build Temporary Outdoor Structures for the Festival of Ideas…

Beauty. Happy New Year.

Untitled (corrupted data, 67,4 Mb, mpeg, file date : 23.03.1997) (2009) - Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder, Untitled (corrupted data, 67,4 Mb, mpeg, file date : 23.03.1997) (2009)

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Gotta love it. Art of the day …

via occasional links & commentary

via occasional links & commentary

“Make it better.” http://bit.l…

“Make it better.”

Directors for 2011 Paris #nuitblanche

Directors for 2011 Paris #nuitblanche selected.

The future of #NorthernSpark? …

The future of #NorthernSpark

Still Life With Banquet by Kit…

Still Life With Banquet by Kitty Greenwald and Grahame Weinbren @01SJ was amazing. Pix.

5 Questions with Carin Kuoni…..

5 Questions with Carin Kuoni…, director of #VeraList re art + public sphere.

The projection advertises “new…

The projection advertises “new foaming toothpaste technology” and is pretty easy on the eyes –

“Video of the Day: Digital Small Talk”

Chris Baker’s Murmur Study was tagged as “video of the day” by Flavorwire.

Murmur Study from Christopher Baker on Vimeo.

Murmur Study, along with Baker’s HPVS is part of an exhibition of “Art(ists) On the VergeAvye Alexandres, Aniccha Arts, Kevin Obsatz, Andrea Steudel, Krista Kelley Walsh and their work commissioned by Northern Lights with support from the Jerome Foundation, which is on exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum through August 23.