Map me if you will

This is an open call for Pixelache Helsinki 2011

“By the mere fact of living an ordinary modern urban life, we produce a huge amount of information about ourselves that we are hardly aware of, nor we usually see or make use of. Through this data we become traceable, accessible, predictable — and clearly enough — ideal clients of information-based capitalism. So if we cannot prevent the production and the corporate or governmental use of this data without changing our lifestyle completely, how can we at least benefit from it ourselves? How can we share this information with the society at large or the community we live in to our common advantage? And how could we even build systems ourselves that collect data for our own purposes?”

The deadline for proposals is Monday 8 November 2010. The application form can be found here.

“Concurrently, the complexity of human actions and interactions increases with the accumulation and growing capacity of the digital tools we are using. We may therefore better understand what’s going on around us if we find ways to visualise and interpret the data which we produce. How can our processes and the correlations of our actions be represented in meaningful and inspiring ways? Are there inventive ways to visualise/represent data that go beyond the pure digital and turn abstract data into concrete entities/objects?”

“map me if you will” is a programme devised by guest curator Susanne Jaschko. Susanne is a Berlin based independent curator of contemporary art with a focus on public and experimental art and digital culture. Her most recent project was the Process as Paradigm exhibition in Laboral Centro del Arte in Gijon, curated in collaboration with Lucas Evers. In addition to her independent work, she has previously worked at the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam and as a curator/deputy director of transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin.