Northern Lights board contributes to Northern Spark

Here at Northern, we are fortunate to have a committed and active board, which can always be counted on for its invaluable insights based on years of collective experience to help build out a nimble, sustainable non-profit organization.

To help support our Northern Spark nuit blanche, Elizabeth Armstrong, Neal Cuthbert, Steve Dietz, Vince Leo, and Gary Smaby are each contributing their creative talents as a reward for our Kickstarter campaign.

Gary was quite the music photographer in his youth, and is offering a number of prints of rock stars of the 70s.

Neal’s iPad cover is a marvel of DIY engineering and design using recycled cardboard and bike tires.

Vince’s profound text poems garnered from his all thumbs texting were most recently seen at the Weisman Art Museum as part of Ordinarily Here.

Liz is offering a personal, behind-the-scenes tour of More Real: Art in the Age of Truthiness when it opens at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Steve is teaming up with Guggenheim award-winning artist Marina Zurkow to offer an evening of alien gustatory delights in a home cooked and homegrown version of Marina’s earlier “Not an Artichoke, Nor from Jerusalem” culinary performance at The Artist’s Institute in New York City.

Invasive Knotweed Soup