Entertailment and Architainment

La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.

via Urban Prankster

Moment Factory, which produced La Vitrine’s installation pictured above, claims that it is North America’s “first permanent ineteractive giant exterior LED wall.” There are probably enough qualifiers there not to aruge too much.

La Vitrine is in a section of Moment Factory’s website called “Entertailment” – Entertainment + Retail, get it? They also have an “Architainment” section – no bonus prize for guessing this one – with “permanent exterior multimedia environments including building facades, public parks, urban entertainment installations and theme parks.” I wish I’d seen the Michael Jackson tribute at the Moon Palace in Mexico. They’ve also done quite an amazing “vast choreography synchronizing and harmonizing light, sound and video (giant screens, LED and architectural projection), creating an ever changing visual symphony” for “Perkins Rowe, among many other literally spectacular projects.” Watch a “behind-the-scenes tour of Moment Factory below.