Northern Spark

What technical specifications do you want to see included in my supporting materials?
The technical specifications we want to see in your supporting materials are things like equipment, dimensions, site diagrams, any special structures or features that would be needed, etc. Basically, anything that will help us get a sense of how your project would physically fit into the landscape of the festival, and what the major physical components are.

Does my proposal need to suggest/request a specific site?
Your proposal does not have to include a specific site, but at a minimum it should include the type of site that would be appropriate for your project.

My project will only last one hour, and it will not be repeated. Can I still submit a proposal?
We are mainly looking for projects that will last for the duration of the night.

Is there a set number of projects that will be accepted within each budget tier?
No, there is not a set number of projects that will be accepted. Funding for projects is dependent on funds raised through our Indiegogo campaign.

I live in a country that is not the United States, so my phone number doesn’t fit into the submission form correctly.
No problem. Email Ady (

I’m not interested in presenting a project, but I really want to be a part of this festival. How can I get involved?
You can volunteer! We love our volunteers. Email for more information.

What should I do if I don’t see my question listed in these FAQ’s?
Email Ady ( with any additional questions.



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