Installing ReGeneration: Tuesday

Steve Dietz

Today we continued to install ReGeneration at the New York Hall of Science. Everyone is thrilled with SOFTlab’s and The Living’s “cloud” design for the exhibition called Common Weathers. There are still some issues to resolve, but it provides a beautiful focus for the work in a pretty chaotic installation venue.

biomodd [nyc4]’s installation of BIOMODD has been going like gangbusters for a couple of weeks already. It’s a dynamic installation that builds a community as it is built.

Futurefarmers have built a remarkable mobile research station, Ethnobotanical New York, out of the commonest of materials, and it is stunning. It also rewards investigation, from the seats that double as plant presses to the “rolodex” of images to the provocative library.

Shih Chieh Huang installed 99plus. At first we wondered about it being “hidden” in its funnel cloud, but there are some great views from around the exhibition floor, and having to work for these views adds to a certain mystery of peering into the ocean depths.

We also reviewed Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga’s delightful video game, which is at the heart of A Geography of Being: Una Geografia de ser, which he will begin installing on Friday. The wooden robots are awesome!

Tomorrow we install Scott Kildall’s 2049.