Special Volunteer Position Open!

Northern Lights.mn

Northern Spark – Social Media Volunteers

Reports to: Administrative Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator



One Volunteer Training Session

Event Day: June 10th; 8:30-11:30pm

Optional Commitments: Social events and happy hours, while not required, are super fun! We have several opportunities both before and after the festival to unwind, share stories, and get to know the awesome folks that make up this amazing community!


Who We Are:
Northern Spark is a free, annual, dusk-to-dawn, multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place on the second Saturday of June and draws tens of thousands of Minnesotans each year. Our 2017 festival is the culminating year of the Climate Chaos | People Rising series, which explores the interconnected, evolving, long-term consequences from climate change, while giving local and national artists a platform to help turn awareness into concrete action anchored in a realistic and hopeful map for the future.

Northern Spark 2017 is all about exploring the creativity and culture of public spaces in neighborhoods along the Green Line. Northern Spark will still be happening downtown (both of them!) but you’ll find equal excitement of this year’s festival in these neighborhoods!


Who You Are:

Enthusiastic – full of energy and excitement, you like being in the center of it all!

Committed – to the awesome intersections of art, public spaces, and technology.

Participatory – you’ll try anything once and encourage others to do the same!

Reliable – on time, ready to help!

Communicative – you enjoy keeping everyone in the loop, and are never without your phone!
Social – you have all the social media accounts and are engaged with all of them!


What You Do:

Working with the Administrative Coordinator, walk through your assigned zone looking for social media moments to capture.
Use specific hashtags to post these to your Social Media accounts so they can be utilized and shared by the rest of the Social Media team.
Capture Point of View video of how it looks to experience Northern Spark.

Ready to Apply:

Send your Social Media handles, along with a short paragraph sharing your favorite public art event and why you’d be a great Social Media Volunteer, to Volunteers@northern.lights.mn by Friday, May 19th.