A night with the river

Sarah Peters

A night with the river

June 10, 2023
9 pm – 1 am
Upper Landing Park
St. Paul, MN

Gather with friends and strangers for a final night with Northern Lights.mn. Wander through installations by artists Bayou Bay and Studio Strange. Linger at the Northern Spark Memory Station and contribute your remembrances from long nights of art in the city.

Slow down to be with water. 

In contrast to the energetic flurry of past Northern Spark festivals, this final event invites you to slow down and spend a quiet evening of collective listening and remembering. Bring a blanket, lay supine and listen. 

From sunset to late night, we’ll reflect, rest, wander, and send wishes to the water. 

Read more about each project: 

Watershed Whisperers
by Bayou Bay

AquaSonos: River Sequences for voice, electronics, bells, and gong chorus
by Studio Strange  

Northern Spark Memory Station
by Northern Spark staff and volunteers

Common Ground
by Witt Siasoco and Diver Van Avery

Plan your visit!


Accessible Parking: There is a small free lot at Upper Landing Park between Shepard Rd. and Spring St. This will be reserved for accessible parking. Please use this if you have accessibility needs! 

Street Parking: Limited street parking is available near the park and surrounding the apartment complex on Spring St.

Ramps: There are two parking ramps within walking distance of the event. Each ramp is a 12-minute walk from Upper Landing Park.

River Center Parking Ramp #149
150 W Kellogg Blvd
Parking fee: $10
More info here. 

Kellogg Ramp Lot #150
129 Kellogg Blvd W
Parking fee: $10
More info here.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT PARK IN THE SCIENCE MUSEUM RAMP. You will not be able to retrieve your car after 10pm.

Stay tuned for more information!



This final program is made possible by grants from Capitol Region Watershed District and St. Paul’s Cultural Star program.