Northern Spark 2013 Lights Up the Night!

Write Fight - Revolver and Ananya Dance Theatre

Ananya Dance Theatre at Revolver's Write Fight

This year’s Northern Spark was a shining success. Lowertown was alight with art and friendly faces from dusk to dawn. The city shone in a whole new (moon)light and offered spectacular wonders around every corner.

Thank you to all of Northern Spark’s artists for sharing your engaging talents and ideas. And thank you to everyone who attended the festival this year — you are the ones who make the night magical. And another special thank you to Northern Spark’s partners, sponsors, and host committee. We couldn’t have ignited this spark without you!

Art all night. Community all year.

Check out pictures of the night on our flickr page.

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Northern Spark 2013 by the numbers:

Over 300 local and national artists and performers presented 79 projects in 9 venues.

Approximately 45,000 people attended Northern Spark events in Lowertown.

Northern Spark was made possible with the partnership of 42 cultural organizations.

27 sponsors supported Northern Spark and its artists.

More than 900 people supported Northern Spark with a donation.

At least 50 articles were written about Northern Spark in local and national media.

Northern Spark’s Facebook page generated 570,942 impressions in the month leading up to June 8.

There were 2,654 downloads of the Northern Spark mobile app.

1 house burned to ashes in the wee hours of the morning.