Join a kazoo band


Perform with us at Northern Spark 2013! From sundown on June 8th to late into the night, our intrepid Kazoo Band will parade through Lowertown, waving artist-made banners and entertaining the public, all while encouraging them to support Northern Spark with donations. We’ll learn a few pop songs that relate to money and giving, and you do not need to be able to read music to participate.

Kazoo Band performance during Northern Spark is organized into two sets: First set is from 9pm to midnight, second set is from 1am- 3am. You can participate in one or both sets. Kazoo Band performers get all of the perks of volunteering– food truck tickets, a free T-shirt, entry into prize drawings, and invitations to Northern Spark gatherings. You’ll also be able to keep your kazoo.

If you’re interested, contact Molly Balcom Raleigh at We’re accepting volunteer performers through May 17. Volunteers are required to participate in 2 practice sessions between May 20- June 5. Participation will be collaborative and fun– bring your ideas!