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This video created by Caleb Coppock ( illustrates the time scope (from dusk until dawn) of the "In Habit: Living Patterns" performance at Northern Spark, June 2012. The music for the video was composed by John Keston for the sixteenth and final vignette in the sequence titled, "Energy."

Northern Spark in and around the Soap Factory including the 10 Second Film Festival

Interactive media art by Eunsu Kang and Donald Craig Choreography and dance by Diana Garcia-Snyder June 9th, 2012 at the W Hotel Minneapolis as a part of Northern Spark 2012

On June 9-10, the Loft and Paper Darts co-hosted a Northern Spark event called Captured Dreams. A video loop of submitted dreams ran throughout the night.

Time Lapse documentation of setup and participant interaction with Dan Scofield and Miriam Simun's "21%" sound installation at the 2012 Northern Spark Festival in Minneapolis, MN on June 9th, 2012. Site-specific sound installation, 2011. Passive Infrared and Ultra Sonic Range Finder Sensors, Arduino, Max/MSP, 8-Channel Original Audio 21% invites visitors to influence a sound collage in collaboration ‘with’ the trees they walk amongst, as well as with other visitors to the space.

Dillon Bakke, "Too Cool"

Alex Lauer + BA Mpls at Northern Spark

Yuiees collaborating with local artists; Rachel James, Kit Leffler, Andrea Steudel, Yuichiro Tanabe, and Josh Winkler

Tristan Pollock's Northern Spark

Northern Spark Midnight Mario Video #4, featuring the real Mario

Midnight Mario vids by Dustin Davis 1 2 3 4

Overnight is a realtime data portrait of Minneapolis shown at Northern Spark 2012. Projected on the Mill City Silos, each silo holds one aspect of data collected about the city. Data-driven music accompanies the visuals, and was played on a section of the Stone Arch Bridge overlooking the silos.

pongatorium in the Palace of Wonder at Northern Spark

Sarah Peters on CultureQueue

DLWeidt Northern Spark on Greenway

Videos along the Greenway by DLWeidt: 1 2 3

the Northern Spark psychedelic matching band: sunset

Grand opening of the Gamut Gallery in downtown Minneapolis. It was part of the annual Northern Spark art festival that takes over most of the city for one night.

Come see the Palace of Wonder!! wonder... wonder... at Northern Spark in the courtyard of Minneapolis Institute of Arts - June 9th - Dusk to Dawn!

Three Nuns And A Gun - (Live at MCAD - Northern Spark 2012)

During four weeks of construction and installation leading up to the MIA's 2012 Northern Spark event, HOTTEA, MIA staff and volunteers measured, cut, and knotted an estimated 14,000 pieces of colored yarn (almost 400 skeins) to a plastic fence. If laid end-to-end, the yarn would stretch for 82 miles, or put another way, the distance from the MIA to Mankato, Minnesota. If it went straight up into the sky, the yarn would reach past the Kármán Line, the border between Earth's atmosphere and outer space.

Balloon creatures at MIA @Northern Spark

Gallery13 presents SPARK3DS EXHIBITION and Mini Symposium will open on Saturday June 9th with the exhibition Opening 8:00 in conjunction with Northern Spark Festival.

A look at the strange sights and sounds of Northern Spark

We talked with Rosemary Williams, creator of "Mom's Cookies," part of the Northern Spark festival in Minneapolis on June 9, 2012. Her videos, featuring several General Mills products, were displayed on the side of buildings on the historic Minneapolis riverfront and milling district.

Northern Spark Marching Band on the Stone Arch Bridge at St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis MN. Conducted by Jackie Beckey, Drawing NIGHTclub Acoustic Campfire + Bedtime Stories, Brian Laidlaw Scott Sayre and Vanessa Voskuil, Midnight Padhandling

Ben Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson, PixelTron150

Jackie Beckey, Psychedelic Art Parade

Aniccha Arts, In Habit: Living Patterns

Michael Murnane, Under Ice

Rosemary Williams, Mom’s Cookies

Eunsu Kang and Diana Garcia-Snyder, Shin’m Pinata Jim Campbell, Material World Caly McMorrow, Observation Tape Deck

Tetsuaya Yamada and Clive Murphy, Pizza/Calliope Diane Willow, Tuning the Sky Bell Museum, Capturing the Night Raptor Center, All About Owls Weisman Art Museum, Night Vision Tours: All Will Be Illuminated Jenny Schmid, Drew Anderson and MAW, nightdemons

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak kicked off Northern Spark with a rousing call to the night and the virtues of Minneapolis.