Northern Spark in some pictures


Thank you Twin Cities! We had an amazing time at Northern Spark on June 4. Lots of people did. About 25,000 people showed up in Saint Paul and Minneapolis to look at participate in and wonder about 100 projects at 34 different locations in collaboration with 50 organizations. Let us know if you have images to share and tag them with #NorthernSpark on flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and other sites.

This is just a small sample of some of the pictures from the event. Much more to come.

Artists’ + Partners’ documentation of Northern Spark

Art Institutes International Minnesota, Tim Armatto flickr set

Philip Blackburn, Car Horn Fanfare video

Philip Blackburn, Wind Harps and Wind Flutes, video

Chris Farstad and Alex Dybavideo

Intermedia Arts, Northern Spark time lapse rough cut

John Kamp and James Rojas, Twin Cities Re-Imagined flickr set

mnorginal, Northern Spark

Ali Momeni and Jenny Schmid, Battle of Everyouth at MIA flickr set

Notion Collective Station Identification flickr stream

ROLU, A Simple Chair

Piotr Szyhalski, Empty Words, flickr set by Robert Luna; set up and rehearsal

UpTake, Panelectric Dreams

Walker Art Center, Field Report: Photos from Nightshift

Other Northern Spark flickr sets and video

Metromix, Photos: Northern Spark (Nuit Blanche)


Students of Nathaniel Freeman class on Experimental Video and Installation, Northern Spark

Tony Webster