Imagining Northern Spark

maquette and photography by Rasun Mehringer |

Maquette and photography by Rasun Mehringer |

It’s always hard to imagine something new before it happens. Rasun Mehringer’s fanciful photo of Northern Spark taking place on the banks of the Mississippi with the downtowns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul on either side playfully hints at the transformation planned for the Twin Cities between sunset on June 4 and sunrise on June 5. See the cardboard construction maquette from which she worked her magic.

Imagined projects include Roman Verostko’s Three-Story Drawing Machine on the Gold Medal Silos where Debora Miller’s MURMUR will be projected; the giant white flag, which Piotr Szyhalski will raise at sunrise during the performance of “Empty Words” (Towards Surrender); Janaki Ranpura’s Egg & Sperm Ride; a sound installation from the top of the Foshay Tower; Barbara Claussen’s migrating phone booths; the glow of bioluminescent algae beneath a ceiling veil of living light; Andrea Stanislav’s Nightmare on the Mississippi; projections onto Landmark Center and the Saint Paul Public Library; and Jim Campbell’s Scattered Light. Just some of the more than 60 projects planned with our partners for Northern Spark.