Who wouldn’t want to work with Ann Hamilton?


Experiment in Art, Design and Architecture in the Landscape

Led by Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil
June 14-30, 2009

Saint Louis Art! Revolution is a three-week experimental field lab and collaborative workshop at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

Participants will examine issues of place and site, history and memory, materiality and construction, sound and motion, through parallel, in-depth investigations into three historically significant sites in St. Louis: the Cahokia Mounds, the Gateway Arch and Archgrounds, and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

Our investigations will form the basis for collaborative interpretive project exploring varied media and forms—emphasizing the archaeology, history, culture, ecology, and fictional aspects of the metropolitan St. Louis landscape.

The workshop is open to students and professionals with backgrounds across the fields of art, architecture, design, landscape architecture, urban design, and the humanities and natural sciences. Rising seniors, post-BFA or B.Arch, MFA, M.Arch, M.L.A. students, as well as practitioners in these fields are welcome to apply.

“SAINT LOUIS ART! REVOLUTION, wherever we are it will be.”